Thursday, March 12, 2015

3 Months.

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 Blair turned 3 Months old yesterday!

She is smiling more and more every day and she is so close to laughing it hurts! She chuckles and screams in delight, but no good hearty laugh yet!

-Last week she weighed in at 13 pounds!
 -She loves to be tickled.
-She is rolling over on her side all the time these days.
-She is pushing up her neck during tummy time, but still hates it more than anything.
-She only likes riding in the car if we are moving, but once we stop for anything she starts screaming.
-She is looking all around all the time, she's a little explorer!
-She loves bath time and playing with the running water with her feet.
-She hates wearing clothes and screams when we put them (and a diaper) on. (little nudist!)
-She loves riding in her stroller, as long as we are moving and not stopping!
-She loves going to stores and getting to see everyone and everything.
-She has become a pro at pooping on me between diaper changes.
-She has been sleeping 7+ hours every night!
-She is able to scoot around on her back, she does a 360 turn when she's playing under her play gym.
-She blows spit bubbles nonstop!
-She's a drool monster these days.
-She thinks her hands are super tasty, they are always in her mouth!
-She likes to pull my hair every chance she gets.
-She likes sitting in her high-chair at dinner time with us.
-She is in the duck face mode these days, haha (see picture 4) she does it all the time! About half of her pictures we took she's doing the duck face!

Watching her grow everyday is seriously the best thing ever. It's crazy how she learns something new everyday. I love to watch her explore her surroundings and take in the world, it's truly amazing. I'm so blessed to be her momma!

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Playing Dress-Up.

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 It's snowing like crazy outside but we are inside dreaming of Spring! 
She is about to outgrow this cute J Crew onesie from our friend Rosalva, so I had to get her picture in it! We decided to have a little fun and play dress up with it.

She is the cutest little kitty I've ever seen!

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

J Crew Fall 2015.

 photo j-crew-018-1366_zpspw2vvhpj.jpg
 photo j-crew-012-1366_zps3gzkb3ys.jpg
 photo j-crew-015-1366_zpswqvyida1.jpg
 photo j-crew-013-1366_zpsdczhse7q.jpg
 photo j-crew-017-1366_zpsqnitn05n.jpg
 photo j-crew-004-1366_zpstasa0fnc.jpg
 photo j-crew-005-1366_zpsskvhylel.jpg

J Crew's Fall 2015 Collection was on point! (When is J Crew not on point though, let's be real here!)

I am totally obssesed with the first outfit. That top is magic. It's so unique and perfect. Especially for this girl who can't say no to a navy and white striped top! Add some fur to the bottom and it was butterflies in my stomach, love at first sight kinda stuff....haha. (I'm just a little crazy).

Next is the fringe skirt with the over-sized orange and white sweater. Styling perfection!
The gold fringed polo is so fun and crazy I love it!
And I never thought I would want to buy a bright yellow sweater, but they have me wanting one, to pair with blush pink tones of course!

These 7 looks are my favorite from the show. I can always count on J Crew to help me fall in love with fashion all over again, and for that I am thankful! 

Monday, February 16, 2015

Blair's First Valentine's Day.

 photo image_zpsxgpw0jrp.jpg
 photo image_zpsoo1fpxcm.jpg
 photo image_zpsecpshdtf.jpg
 photo image_zpsgowkfmuy.jpg

This girl has my whole heart! 

And she has a wild heart, I can tell. She is always moving like crazy and exploring everything she can at this age it's the cutest thing. I can tell we are going to have our hands full!!

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

2 Months.

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 photo IMG_2877_zpskbx3of5z.jpg
 photo IMG_2881_zps3vidrcq7.jpg
 photo IMG_2880_zpscozwi49f.jpg
 photo IMG_2879_zpsfftzuupx.jpg
 photo IMG_2871_zpsrrqxu6ud.jpg
 photo IMG_2870_zpstkk4xyab.jpg
 photo 2months 239_zpsxm7bsebp.jpg
 photo 2months 184_zpswbct1phv.jpg
 photo 2months 191_zpsg5vahxfx.jpg
 photo 2months 203_zpsm4mnqc2d.jpg

2 Months! It's amazing to watch her grow month to month, week to week, day to day. Every day she is discovering something new and it just makes me melt! Her latest thing is grabbing things. She just started this week. You should have saw her face when she grabbed her toy ball for the first time! She was so surprised and so excited! Ever since then she's been grabbing things nonstop (like her shirt! I couldn't get her to leave it alone haha!) She likes to try to bring everything she grabs to her mouth but doesn't have the best control so she ends up wacking herself in the face. It's so funny, but it makes her mad haha. 

I feel like these pictures express her personality perfectly! 

Tomorrow we go for her 2 month shots, meh. I dread it. Especially since we already had a stint at the doctor last week where she had to get her blood drawn, a catheter, and 2 shots of antibiotics. My poor baby had 2 bad ear infections :( It was definitely the saddest thing I've ever had to experience in my life and I felt so helpless and sad that I couldn't help her.

So what's new with Blair!?

-She can grab things now!
-She loves to stick her tongue out at everyone, and loves it when you do it back at her!
-She's "talking" all the time, it's the cutest!
-Is never still, always kicking and swinging those arms!
-She HATES tummy time, acts like it is pure torture.
-But she loves to sleep on her tummy if she is on someone!
-Has slept through the night the past few nights, lets hope it keeps up!
-Loves bath time! Even loves to play with her rubber ducky!
-Doesn't enjoy car rides too much anymore.
-Loves her play gym, she goes wild when she's under there!
-Loves to eat her hands and fingers!
-Enjoyed being outside last weekend.
-Hates going out to eat with mom and dad. 
-Weighed 11 pounds and 8 ounces last week when we saw the doctor!

Sunday, February 1, 2015