Monday, August 31, 2015

Day 1 at Navarre, Florida!

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We got to take Blair to the beach for the first time last week, and she loved it! I will never forget her first time her feet touched the sand or  the first time she swam in the ocean. She lunged straight for the sand and headed for the water! When we took her in the waves she squealed with delight! I love her sandy little face in these pictures, it's the best.

She also loves the taste of salt water, haha. At one point Jacob was holding her and I looked at her and she stuck her head in the water! I said, "Jacob!" and he pulled her head out and she just looked at us and started licking her lips nonstop. Haha. She kills me!

We went and ate at Shaggy's, it was real yummy. And I couldn't get over their high chairs! I mean look at those things! They are so cool!

And of course Blair wanted her picture with the shark! 

Can't wait to share the rest of our week with you all!

Go Tigers!

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Since it's back to school time, Blair wanted to represent her (most likely) future high school!  Go Tigers! 

I don't know how I am going to make it when she starts school. I already cry thinking about it haha. I am going to miss hanging out with her all day everyday so much. And don't even get me started about her going off to college, I cry really, really hard when I think about that. I had to get these pictures of her so I would have something else to make me bawl my eyes out every year when I see them on time-hop when she starts going to school! And I thought it would be really neat for her to have some school spirit pictures from when she's a baby!

Bless all you momma's out there who had to send their babies off to school this week!

Sunday, August 16, 2015

8 Months.

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8 Months with this little angel! Can you believe it? I sure can't. Time is flying by and it makes this momma sad. I just want to keep her little forever! I mean I am starting to plan a 1st Birthday party already! Wow! Crazy!

Blair's personality is the best thing ever, and she's really been letting it shine lately! I love her to bits and this has definitely been my favorite age so far! 

She wasn't too thrilled about me trying to lay her down by the 8. She was either crying or pouting in most of the pictures, haha (like the ones above!) I even tried to bribe her with food....but she just refused to smile ever. She wants to be up and going at all times. I finally got her to sit by the 8 and got some really cute ones! I love them!

-Waving and saying "hi!"
-Claps and says "Yay!"
-Gives kisses.
-Has the cutest mean face in the whole entire world, I can't get enough of it! 
-Walks around with her walker, and she goes pretty fast too!
-Sleeps all night in her crib with her pink bunny, bear head, and Raggedy Ann.
-Always has to have one of those stuffed animals with her!
-Can say dada and momma. Says dada nonstop and momma only when she's upset.
-Loves her new car seat we just got her!
-Loves eating Lil Crunchies.
-Loves drinking water!
-Went to the splash pad for the first time and absolutely loved it!
-Has become more clingy to me (finally!)...I love it!
-Gives high fives.
-Loves going out to places.
-Still loves playing in the grass and water.
-Loves swinging at the park. 
-Favorite food I cook so far is Mexican Chicken.
-Her hair is growing like crazy.
-She is taking her first trip to the beach next week! (Wish us luck!)

I love seeing her smile every morning. She's just the best thing ever!

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

7 Months.

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 photo IMG_3486_zpsrwczlnxi.jpg
 photo IMG_3502_zps3bnpijbf.jpg
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Best 7 Months of my life! I love you so much Blair Nicole!  

-She is crawling around like crazy! She waited until her daddy got back from Annual Training and crawled for the first time for both of us one day at the park! And she's so fast at crawling!
-Is awesome at pulling herself up and can walk along the edges of things really well!
-Definitely think she could be walking if she had the balance thing down.
-She loves to eat solids. Her favorites are guacamole and sweet potatoes!
-She won't eat off her own plate or from a baby spoon. We have to feed her off of our plates with our silverware! (Ridiculous girl!)
-She loves swimming. She could play in the water all day! My little mermaid!
-Loves playing in the grass and pulling it out of the grown. Has just started putting it in her mouth!
-Has her very first tooth poking through! Her bottom left tooth!
-Talks nonstop!
-Loves going for walks in her stroller.
-Loves being outside.
-Sleeps with her pink bunny, it's the cutest thing ever to see them snuggled in her crib!
-Her hair is growing like crazy! She can wear all of her bows now!
-Has started to pull her bows out, (womp womp).
-Sleeps to the sound of the ocean waves.
-Loves meeting new babies and playing with them. She screeches in excitement when she sees a baby!
-Loves swinging at the park.
-Loves peek-a-boo.
-Loves when you clap for her, makes her smile everytime!
-Loves when you growl at her, she thinks it's hilarious.
-Will "gripe" you out if you don't tend to her when she's crying, it's hilarious.
-Isn't scared of anything except the vacuum cleaner and changing tables.
-Knows what the word "no" means. And gives me the sweetest smile when I say it to her, it kills me. But she does stop doing what she knows she's not supposed to be doing!
-She's so smart it blows my mind.
-Gives you "five" if you hold your hand out!
-Can wave "hi" and "bye" if she's in the mood.
-Loves riding in the basket at the grocery store.
-She gives us the most slobbery kisses when we ask her to.
-She has the biggest, most beautiful blue eyes.
-Her eyelashes go on forever.
-Her lips are the perfect tint of red.
-And she has the cutest nose I've ever seen!

Blair is simply the best thing that's ever happened to us. Thank you Lord for giving us this amazing gift. I hope she always knows how amazing she truly is, and that she will always have our hearts.

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

6 Months.

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 photo IMG_1936_zpsiabznyal.jpg
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Blair is 6 Months old!

She is definitely my little wild child. And I love her to pieces! I hope she always knows just how wonderful she truly is. Every morning I look forward to seeing that smile and hear her tell me about her night. (She's a jabber queen that's for sure!). She lights up my world and I'm so blessed to call her mine.

We aren't getting shots until the end of the month, for different reasons, but when we do we will let you know all her stats! :)

Here's what this little munchkin has been up to lately!

-Can pull herself up! She's very good at it, but she gets excited and lets go and bam! Falls and hits her face. (We don't like that very much).
 -Is so close to crawling it hurts. Gets up and rocks but then nothing.
-Can still get around by rolling and lunging.
-Can sit up by herself when she's laying down.
-Tries to lunge off the bed EVERYDAY. 
-Loves her walker!
-Tries to stand up by herself with no help, she really wants to walk so bad. 
-Wears 6-12 Month clothing.
-Loves going outside and playing with the grass.
-She's obsessed with grass actually, she sees it and it's all she cares about.
-Eating lots of solids, she likes vegetables more than fruits (are we sure she's mine?! haha!)
-Tries to drink out of our water bottles.
-Loves swimming in her little duck pool.
-Loves going for walks in her stroller.
-Tries to lunge out of the basket at stores, thank the Lord we strap her in!
-No teeth yet!
-Drools like it's her job.
-Doesn't take very good naps anymore (Sleep regression?)
-Loves airplane.
-Is impossible to change her diaper or get her dressed because she rolls away then tried to crawl away...all while screaming and kicking. (Attitude!)
-Can sit in highchairs at restaurants.
-Obsessed with her cousin Kharter, I'm actually jealous of his powers to make her laugh nonstop every time he talks to her.
-Sleep Regression has hit this household hard. Refuses to sleep by herself for more than an hour at a time. That means she's in bed with this momma every night. (ooops!) When dad gets back we will be in trouble! Haha.

This girl keeps me on my toes that's for sure and I wouldn't have it any other way (well maybe she could please sleep in her crib all night again...that'd be nice!). I love watching her grow and discover new things everyday. She's everything I dreamed of and more!